March 3rd, 2018 - 1700 UTC

Sign up sheet for Squad Leaders

Sign up sheet for players

Map: Saaremaa



Operation Hidden Redemption

Gamemode : CNC (Command And Conquer)

How It Works : Each team gets to build one FOB any where on the map. Each team will search for the enemy FOB and destroy it, upon destroying the enemy FOB their reinforcements will deplete rapidly. 

Rules : Basic Rules On The server

Additional Rules :

1. Each team will have a Commander, the squad leaders of each team must obey every order of the commander, do not question his command, take it to be real life.

2. Each team is required to set up their FOB first before they rush to a certain point on the map. When both FOBS are up the game begins.

3. No all chat, under no circumstances. Admins who are coordinating the event are allowed to talk in all chat before the game starts.

4. All squad members of a squad are required to listen to your squad leader at all times.

5. Each squad must fulfill their duty at all times whether it be trans, tank or apc .

6. Only the Commander of each side can order squads not other squad leaders. 

7. Commanders cannot use UAV’s