-=HOG=- Admin Application

1 week 2 days ago #14487 by Flashie
Flashie created the topic: -=HOG=- Admin Application
Ingame name: Flashie

Cd hash: 6271e16ae6a2b5063f5548bd6bfb65f4

Your age: 16.

How long playing PR?: 3-4 years.

How much do you play per week?: 2-4 days.

List other servers you have been an admin: I've been an admin on FH - ForgottenHonor. This used to be a populated EU server a while back

Have you applied at HOG before: No, I have not.

Active admin on what server?: Currently none.

When do you play on our server, list the time zone: GMT +2, i usually play inbetween 1PM and 9PM of my timezone (8AM - 4PM EST).

What country do you live in?: I live in Estonia.

Are you with a clan?: No i'm not.

I would like to join, because whenever i play from 30 minutes up to several hours, i never see any active admins. For some people, this gives a purpose to disobey the rules and server becomes a mess, causing a lot of people to either leave or return the deed.

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3 hours 51 minutes ago #14613 by Flashie
Flashie replied the topic: -=HOG=- Admin Application
I suppose this is being denied, so i'd like to cancel that application, and stay off the server until it improves it's admin system.

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