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1 year 1 day ago #14546 by Pit
Ban Appel was created by Pit
CD: 6617b45257f5fdb1beede036299513ff
Nickname: [SS] PitBandit

I messed up today (10/12/12) I was playing GAZA in HAMAS side, after maybe an hour that the match started, a guy from my squad was insulting me (by PRmumble), because i die in a ridicolous way (I was riding a motorbike, it was almost burning up, I crashed with a wall and die) I insulted him back, and in rage, i killed him before spawning in a FOB, then a teammate tried to kill me, because he saw that i kill my squad mate, i kill the guy, and 2 guys that spawned at the FOB killed me, after that i start a tk streak, hunting every one that killed me, before 20 minutes i get banned by tk. I would like to request an overturn of my ban please, I have no excuse and it won't happen again. I been loyal to your sever like almost 3 years, and i would like to play PR in your server again, now a days PR become the only videogame that i really enjoy. My sincere apologies.

Thanks for reading.

Papu proh

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1 year 1 day ago #14547 by =HOG=JMoney
Replied by =HOG=JMoney on topic Ban Appel
ummm don't you remember saying N word and no admin?

seems like you are troll to me

[04:22:58 GLOBAL] AzZaMaTr0n: !r SS PitBandit Intentional TK x2
[04:23:59 GLOBAL] [SS] PitBandit: i drive over 2 jews
[04:24:25 TEAM 1] [SS] PitBandit: zzamatron likes dick
[04:25:02 GLOBAL] [SS] PitBandit: here is no space for gays in hamas
[04:25:19 GLOBAL] AzZaMaTr0n: !r PitBandit TK attempt again
[04:25:31 GLOBAL] [SS] PitBandit: here are not admins nigga

[04:21:31 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [ussht_remington870_idx3] Gadd
[04:21:51 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [ussht_remington870_idx3] Mushrooms
[04:22:08 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [ussht_remington870_idx3] BojackScotsman
[04:22:25 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [ussht_remington870_idx3] AzZaMaTr0n
[04:26:04 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [idfrif_galilsar] TrueBlew
[04:29:38 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [chrif_type56_1] DDsO. Jimbo
[04:32:00 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [usrif_m16a1iron] ScoCallum
[04:33:58 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [idfrif_galilsar] AzZaMaTr0n
[04:35:25 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [f1grenade] GetSpookt
[04:35:25 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [f1grenade] AzZaMaTr0n
[04:36:06 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [f1grenade] Gibiceps22
[04:36:23 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [ussht_remington870_idx3] Woltsi_
[04:36:28 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [ussht_remington870_idx3] GiocatRush
[04:38:51 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [dumpster_bomblauncher] [SS] PitBandit
[04:38:51 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [dumpster_bomblauncher] Hacks H3ROxP4NDA
[04:38:51 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [dumpster_bomblauncher] AzZaMaTr0n
[04:38:51 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [dumpster_bomblauncher] GetSpookt
[04:38:51 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [dumpster_bomblauncher] S.I.F| AVENG3R
[04:40:13 TEAMKILL] [SS] PitBandit [kni_ak47bayonet] GiocatRush

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1 year 1 day ago #14548 by Pit
Replied by Pit on topic Ban Appel
Yes, being specific, all that appears in the list, i dont put it because the rules to post for a Ban Appel is be forward to the point, i tried to put togheter with the sentence "I insult him back" u can se that i insult the same guy, once and once, he did too, by mumble, after he killed me by first time, i insult him in spanish, maybe Jmoney dont get noticed of those insults, while he was dancing on my body, he was saying thinks like noob and making chicken noices, before i insult him in spanish, he said me wall jumper, is it very cool right?, just for speaking spanish that guy guess the fact that im Mexican, 'cause OBVIOUSLY every person that speek spanish is Mexican *Sarcasm* (And yes, im Mexican, his guess was right, and im not ashamed of that) forgetting that messed up, im a good Soldier, guys like Commando_04, Knows that, (one of the best SQL that i played with) I'm a good medic, and i dont use to insult people that doesn't insult me, i think that you need have a little bit of bravery for saying that you are Mexican in a server that u can find SQUADS with Name TRUMP, and the members of it insulting, all the people that is not Anglo-Saxon, chineses, brazilians, mexicans (although they speak and write in English), by the global chat, and you know something? all the people that used to see that, dont report it, maybe if you have luck, one guy will, (excluding the victims). At this point, i dont know what will happen, the =HOG= members should decide it, and i'll respect his decision. And i think that Jmoney can´t respond in this appel according to the ban appeals rules.

Thanks For Reading (And maybe goodbye forever and thanks for giving me some good plays in your server)

Hasta nunca, y probablemente si aun ves esto, amigo latino, hayas pasado por algo similar a lo mio, o algo diferente que igualmente involucre las toromboladas xenofobas por parte de algunos batos que juegan en el servidor, o igual no lol, si me no me levantaron el ban, no creo que ni siquiera que me veas jugando nunca, probablemente despues de que no me levantaran el ban no vuelva a jugar en mi vida PR, a pesar de ser un juegazo (Se que es mod) y yo, que teniendo el Bf3 y Bf4, escoji jugar PR, un juego de los 00's, que a pesar de no tener las mejores fisicas y graficas siempre considerare mejor que el Bf3 y Bf4, para mi, los supera con creces. Fuerza papus espero salgan del infierno de los banneados y se acuerden del wey que chance nunca salio (yo).

Saludos cordiales.

Papu proh

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1 year 23 hours ago #14549 by BaconCody
Replied by BaconCody on topic Ban Appel
What does your [SS] prefix mean?

"You know I’m proud to have that German blood, there’s no question about it. Great stuff"
- Donald J Trump

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1 year 19 hours ago #14550 by =HOG= __Super_6__5__
Replied by =HOG= __Super_6__5__ on topic Ban Appel
jmoney is the admin that banned you, he IS the one that is to respond to you, what does the SS mean in your tag?

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1 year 14 hours ago - 1 year 14 hours ago #14551 by Pit
Replied by Pit on topic Ban Appel
They mean Sabandija Solitaria SS, it is like a reference to Vegita from DBZ,(I like DBZ and my favorite character is Vegetta) In his spanish Dub by Rene Garcia the most usual sentence of vegeta is "Sabandija". "solitaria" Means Lonely, my "Squad" doesn't plays PR anymore, we used to be [201] For the MEXICAN fighting squad 201 at WW2, the SS is used to be confuse with the SS from ww2 (Schutzstaffel) why should i be proud of that group of bastards? I mean, some of them betrayed his own nation and they fought against the Wehrmacht too, something similar happen in Mexico in the War of Cakes against the French, the Conservador Army and the Liberal Army,the Conservadores get allied with the French Army. Why should i pretend that im german?, i actually hate Europans for destroying the American cultures, my name is Pedro (Spanish name) but, i actually would rather that my name would be TLAHUICOLE or any Tradicional Name, it is assumed that mexico get independient from Spain, why Mexico speaks the Invader language? i would rather speak nahuatl

BaconCody i think that u cant respond in another person Ban Appeal.

Note: You can find people in Latinamerica that thinks they are German, Italian and French, being specific, Argentines.

Papu proh
Last edit: 1 year 14 hours ago by Pit . Reason: "Argentines" i wrote Argentinines, sorry

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