Oatmealz ban appealllL

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chris replied the topic: Oatmealz ban appealllL
Welcome back,

First I would like to counter argue, or at least try to since this is a very serious issue with me idk.

1.racism counter
2.Me specific
3.Me at all (since u are soooo interested in me for some reason)

1. Racism counter

SO yeah maybe I was a bit overwhelmed by the term "euro trash" maybe I'm a idiot for thinking euro= race I get that and I'm sorry. But get this it was no where near a false report i just believed that it was racism and I report racism because 1. Your server doesn't allow it right? But like i said in previous statements I am sorry if I cluttered your reports, but I guess me and the rest of the people that reported were banned for the same reason? idk

And also I did think the person took offense because he reported him for racism in the first place.

2.Me specific

*1 map ago btw*

The guy that rage blade kicked was "dinked" and he was taking the apc with another guy because there was no apc sq to begin with right? I think I'm wrong idk I don't have good memory.

lets take a look at this nice think right here

"Oatmealz starts insulting and yelling at the admin and complaining about the rules "again" because he was thinking this admin would solo now the apc squad."

idk why you are saying i was insulting and yelling at you, maybe u should turn down your volume just a tab bit, but no I did say you were only a 1 man sq, and when u say that i couldn't see the your gunner disconnected no duh man I know I cant see that. idk what u mean by i was blind ahead of doing stupid? I wasn't doing anything stupid I was doing what a fucking tank sq is suppose to do, kill tanks and fobs.

Another admin kicks him for stealing the apc.

While he was disconnecting, he decided to put a last sentence in squad leader channel.

I quote the exact words:

"man...all the fucking hog admins are the most retard and idiot stupid people he ever seen in this game"

"He comes back and than this

[13:37:45 TEAM 2] Oatmealz: everyday with these brain dead admins i didnt steal shit

Round end.

I thought like...oh ok, he is gone, let the situation calm down. Don´t engage further."

I'm not going to lie to you, I was fucking mad we all get mad at some point man. but like you said the situation died down and I went back to being calm. half of the shit I say shouldn't even phase you man. I don't think all the hog admins are retarded and I'm sorry if you took offense, you just need to understand that I was mad and that's that.

"Now we heading to the false report case again. Like mentioned above. I received a "chrisweb racism" report of a player. Me asking what chrisweb did say. All I get as answer is a "chrisweb racism" report of Oatmealz known as griefer, provocateur, asshole, who hadn´t anything to do with this situation. As we can expect, Oatmealz was just trying to confuse the admin team again.

By the way....until now you didn´t mention anything of your "he even called you black trash" report in this appeal. So far everything you said here is related to the other players problem. Can you tell my why?

[18:16:08 T1 SQUAD 2] Oatmealz: !rp chrisweb racist
[18:16:58 GLOBAL] Oatmealz: hes called me black trash as well

Maybe because your intention was only to disturb and false report again?

Has to be..."

I'm known as a griefer, provocateur, asshole?

lmao idk what i want to say about this. if I was those things then..... I would perm banned from these servers man.

Again, i understand now that what "chrisweeb" said was not racist and i apologize if that disturbed u. and I'm not trying to confuse your admin team, again when have I ever tried to???
Finally, I would like to say I'm sorry if it was false report I just say the report of racism and i saw what he said and i report him as well.

3.Me at all

Ok... I could care less if a person likes me or not I'm just trying to play the game man, but this false shit you are saying against me like "griefer" is stupid asf. I'm going to need you to go back and recall when I have ever griefed on this server or in any other sever. Hell yeah i complain, bitch and moan but that's the only thing I do, do I tk? no. do i steal? no. the only fucking thing I do is type to much in all chat but u have bigger fucking problems then me talking in all chat.
nobody is trying to be a role model of bluedrake, where the fuck did you get that from? lmao like what is your problem with me man? have you been bullied in school? I'm not your fucking enemy idk why my dick is the one u choose to ride but I'm going to have to ask you to get off it fast asf.

Like I said before I only say that the hog admins are stupid when I'm mad at something I don't actually mean it, and when I say all the admins I really don't mean all of them, stop assuming shit.

On the side note, you really have to check who is talking about you guys behind your back, your acting like I'm the only fucking person in this world that has said shit like that whem I'm not, the same people that be in your sq, comes and complains to me about how bad all the admins are, and I have some sense and i know that not all of you are bad, its just some that are just over zealous about their decisions.

"Always got your big mouth that wide open ingame, but now commin here beggin for a banlift like a little puppie. You´re a pussy.."

idk what's your problem. i say stupid things to make the game enjoyable for others man, I'm goofy asf. I just want to ask how old are you? and calling me a pussy does not phase me at all man because I know for a fact you will not drop that address. "since I'm such a pussy"

I want a ban lift because i just want to play the game, and like i said before i apologize that i was being dumb, but i didn't see it as a false report.

Also if anything offended you while reading this(I mean it in the least offensive way possible) since you're allowed to disrespect me but I cant do the same to you OLD MAN.

much love,

daddy Oatmealz

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4 days 19 hours ago #16325 by chris
chris replied the topic: Oatmealz ban appealllL
Hey guys, its has almost been a week since i last played project reality and i kinda don’t want to be bored. So I officially apologize like before and just be the better man and let go any anger i had towards anybody on the admin team. And i also want to apologize for disrespect your terms and rules. I also want to take back Anything i said that offended anybody. -Oatmealz

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4 days 18 hours ago #16326 by =HOG= __Super_6__5__
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supermike was given a month ban for false reporting, same for you.

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