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so yeah its goblin420 couldnt make an acc for some weird reason kept telling me no activation code, i got banned because let me guess "racism/mic spamming", anyways all started with LAG-CHUCK-NORRIS dude was spamming his freaking micro in gaza ( when does he not??) so i told him to shut up next thing you know he calls me a N.... ("white boy trying to sound like a n....") exaclty his words, and from there we started .Idk how to use the battle recorder thing but if it does record audio you can check for yourself.Was Gaza game last 10 minutes of the game, somehow i was the one to get banned because i dont know maybe the admins didnt hear chuck but me or someone selectively reported only me

but anyways clarify me if thats the reason i did get banned for and the instigator NOT, ps i admit to my mistake on my part too.id be glad to send the part where he calls me a n.... too.PS: he came with the race thing out of nowhere so i reacted.
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not sure of the circumstance, other than what you posted, but you were issued a 3 hour ban, you can return after that. please familiarize yourself with our rules b4 coming back and make sure not to use racist terms, words etc.

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