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"Coordinating" with other squad leaders? Yelling, swearing and name calling is not coordinating!

I really don't know of any other player that so many bitch about. You have become a running joke among regular players. "We won AND we had chuck norris on our team... How did that happen?"

Your play style, [(my opinion) squad waste and asset wasting] are all something that we can put up with.
The harassment you give other players, and the cancerous radio broadcasts that come from you while squad leading are we cannot.

I truly feel like you have gotten special treatment because of how well known you are, and I feel that is not right. If any other player did what you do, they'd be banned within 24hrs.
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Right on Righty. Every word is on spot
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its just a personal ban from mare pop, i wonder why he is not ban because he kills me and my full squad in out car with his tank just leaving our main. plus after that tells me to shut up and he will ban me .. so he did?

pointing a finger on me? you better look your ass first and then you can make a judgment by the way mare pop if you are so good makeing videos of me ... because i have another fan like jevsky... try to find the video when you did that to my all squad!

cheers! bitch!

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7 months 4 weeks ago - 7 months 4 weeks ago #19001 by MarePop
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Is ban personal? NO
Am i happy that you are banned? YES, i am so fucking happy that you are banned, not only because i went through a lot of work proving your guilt, but also because you are a terrible person and a player.

I saw message that you teamkilled from 0 meters, and all the reports following that, but i still gave you benefit of a doubt. Maybe he walked into your fire, maybe he was trolling and you killed him to get his name. I wanted to watch BR just to be sure. And there you were, doing what you thought you are free to do. "He annoys me im gonna kill him". You could not talk to the pilot? Type in chat! He did nothing you dont do on every day basis!!!

This is not a personal revenge, this is culmination of all your fuck ups! You are most privileged player i ever saw in PR. Look how many reports there are of you. Look all the ban appeals Jevski posted. You got second, third, and forth chance, and did you change, did you learn anything? NO, you remained an obnoxious loud-mouth focused only on yourself.

Everything Righty said is correct. You are not a team player! You are an asshole
"My squad is always best" - Sometimes its best when you bully people into playing in accordance to your squad. You take logi because only you need it. Does mortar squad need a logi? No fuck 'em Chuck needs it. Do other squads need crates, drop offs/pick ups? No only your squad need all of that and if pilot doesnt deliver, you insult and yell so ALL can hear you. Other Infantry squads need to play how you command them, to support you, to attack where you want them to attack, and if armor is not there to protect you...oh boy its all over again yelling and insulting in squad leader chat. You felt entitled to demand tanks move from M column to D because your retarded squad could not stop enemy infantry. Forcing my driver and squad leader to stop because we could not communicate.

And speaking of tanks. Im tempted to watch every minute of every battle recorder in last month just to prove you wrong but i dont have time. I was not in tank for at least two months, you dumbass!

Mongel i dont know why you are discontent with me requesting a ban. Look at all shit he has pulled. People say one racist word in jest or not, and they are gone forever. But Chuck gets to screw around for years and thinks we are wrong, we are against him. How dare we ban him for his perfect behavior.

If i was what Super is, if i was head admin, after every ban list wipe i would add all the hackers and glitchers and then Chuck. Because he didnt change and he WONT change.
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