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9 months 1 day ago - 9 months 1 day ago #17682 by [CRC]_FORCE
Bamyan Alt was created by [CRC]_FORCE
Bamyan Alt is a amazing game mode and Map layer.
Simply fantastic. Who ever designed it, probs to you.

It is quite simple in it's idea. AAS. Taliban vs USMC.

Conditions differences to usual Bluefor vs OPfor.

- The OPFor isn't suited to Face to Face combat yet has to do that to cap all the Points.

- In theory it is kinda like Conquest Assault

- Bluefor has to defend till the enemy runs out of tickets while already having all the Objective points, but CAN'T capture back most of the vital Objectives, making losing any of them not a positive option.

- The Airbase, which is where the A-10 Spawns and both the A-10 and Osprey have to land to re-arm and repair, isn't DOD, despite that usually the Airbase is the DOD, making the Airbase a Secondary Objective to defend.

The dynamic you get here is a convential push and pull battle between two forces. But this time , the forces are vastly different , even in their design.
One is suited for this kind of battle but doesn't have the neccessary equipment on all fronts, while the other isn't suited but has the raw firepower.

On top of that, OPFor has limited time and tickets to get all the Objectives, so playing it slowly all the time won't work. While BlueFor will lose fast if they don't distribute their defenses around the Objectives properly, let alone just 'dig in' and do nothing.

And lastly the freaking Airbase is out side of DOD. Making it a Vital SECONDARY Objective. If the Airbase gets raided or occupied by OpFor, The A-10 could be destroyed and it's one that doesn't respawn and the Osprey won't have a spot to Repair and Rearm, making it almost useless.
Which also strips off the Bluefor from their only CAS and Logistics Air Support.
So defending it could be as important as important as defending the Primairy Objectives.

The same can go for OPFor, Taking out that Air Base, despite it not being a Primairy Objective to win the battle neccesarily can be as important to win the overall battle in the end as is taking over the Primairy Objectives

And I think, especially on the idea of having Secondary Objectives, that it is a great concept.
Not only would I like to see this map ALT more often (BIAS) , but also would I like to see more maps with this kind of set up's (if possible by the Server Admins and if there are any Maps like these besides Bamyan)

You used to have that small outpost toward the Eastern Layer on Sbeneh where all the MEC's ground Assets would spawn as well besides at their Main Base but would be non respawn ones.
Like it would be great if all those assets at that Outpost could be used by either sides, and either sides has to rush there if they want to get it.
Or that some heavy asset spawns there 1x 20 minutes later and thus it is up to either Forces if they want to defend that area to be able to take it or rather deny the enemy having it.

Hell , someone even suggested to me what it would be like that that there is only one or two Artillery bases on the map, and if they aren't secured, that Area Attack for either side or both sides (Depending which forces secured what and how) could be not available. I heard something similar about non destroyable but not redeployable Mortar Pits as well.

The reasoning I like these kind of secondary objectives so much is that it forces the teams to think beyond Attack and Defense.
On Bamyan Alt we also have to think about 'Securing the Airfield' and have 'Kill Zones' in case the Objectives fail and we have to recapture it quick.
It makes the game more complex and makes players think more then just shooting the enemy.
Mining the enemy acces points or booby trapping their assets can be as much fun and exciting as killing the enemy. On the other end, so is defending a Airbase from enemy raids while your only CAS asset is landing to rearm for another gun run.

I know some of this is probally up to the Devs to make this happen , but at the very least I would like to see more Bamyan ALT and or any other variants who can offer this kind of gameplay.
If there are any other different interesting variants of gamemodes and or gameplay, let me know ^^
(I know C&C)

That's all.

Corps Commander of Calamity Ravens Corps and proud Guest Admin on =HOG= Project Reality Server, may their reign last forever.
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8 months 3 weeks ago - 8 months 3 weeks ago #17882 by prwars Nardz123
Replied by prwars Nardz123 on topic Bamyan Alt
Korengal Valley has a kinda-sorta similar concept where the combat outpost in the middle of the map has a non-respawning hmmv there and blufor can spawn in there at round start (though further spawning will require a FOB to be built up).

While not a "game objective" per se, it's usually a very useful place to at least have a presence at since it commands the valley -- though it can also be a massive ticket bleed for blufor if you're not careful about it.

Back in the day the outpost itself was also a cappable flag (even on ins) that would respawn either hmmvs or bombcars depending on who held it. It'd be nice to have that mechanic back in for some INS maps.
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