banned for nothing and breaking rules

2 months 1 week ago #22789 by linar
today 7 april ,2 00 pm Moscow TIme , on pavplovsk map we are creating apc squad , player abuhajar dublicate apc squad , since 2 minutes beginning of round some admin resign our squad and give my squad members warning that we must return apcs to base , we were reporting admins about double squad and that we area first apc squad , but admins didnt do anything , and admins hog boxkiller was in second APC squad , After that i join APC squad which crreated by aby hajaar and asking admins what they area doing , boxkiller dont answer me and says only "shut up , and return apc ", After that i saynig him that he is breaking rules and he is not a admin and rules breaker , after that Admins banned me and kicking all of my squad members.
Admins please solve MY problem and check this admin HOG Boxkiller
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