Frustrated Ban Appeal

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11 months 2 weeks ago #24067 by Commando484z
Frustrated Ban Appeal was created by Commando484z
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Hi I'm new player and just got banned from sever playign karbala insurgency map. When I joined the match I wanted to contribute to the team by helping with the transport heli or tank. I was at base when the tank spawned and I got in it ready to drive it or be machine gunner for it. I had driven the tank before on 2 other maps so I felt it was ok to drive it as long as I had a gunner that was ok letting a newbie drive it. These 2 people from tank squad then spawned, came over, and demanded I get out. Their names:
BRADREY & Pyrolysis

They spoke in broken english. I told them why shoudl I get out I am already in. I wanted to join tank squad but they had locked it for some reason. I told them that I wanted to join and they had locked in and one of them said they had enough people. AFAIK there was 3 people in tank squad at the time but I had no clue where their 3rd teammate was. It was only those two. I thought to myself that I would compromise with them so I sat in machine gunners seat.. It was a 3 person tank so they could be gunner and driver however one of them shot me and ran off with the tank.

I was so frustrated I reported them(they had reported me both) and I got banned a few minutes later by firing an anti tank missile at them twice. Was it stupid? Yes , I didnt get on project Reality to do shenanigans like this. Will I do it again? Most likely not but I feel that people in situtations like thse shouldn't go unpunished . But this is irksome. He didn't have to shoot me, yet they didn't get punished for it. They were still in the game as I got kicked out and am writing this message, I seem to play Project Reality every day only on this server so I wanna ask to pelase unban me soon. Maybe look into those other two as well.

Since Im posting on a forum where I know a lot of experience PR people will see it, can someone please explain the concept of people locking their squad for roles like tanks and CAS and trans? From an outside perspective it looks like these people have the mentality of however is in the squad has dibbs on these assets and if someone else tries to take them I will teamkill them and report them for attempting to steal smh.

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11 months 2 weeks ago #24076 by =HOG= lespyd
Replied by =HOG= lespyd on topic Frustrated Ban Appeal
There are only a certain number of assets for each map. The properly named squad alone, gets to use these assets. They can lock the squad when they have enough players to man these assets. Squad leaders can choose who they let in and who they don't.

I suggest you read our server rules, we enforce them. It was a temp ban, don't tk or shoot rpgs at your own tanks... you'll be on a fast track to a permanent ban.
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