Epic clips compilation uploading to youtube

9 months 1 week ago #13492 by Ura
Hi guys, I 'm a player from China. I've been playing PR for 6 years for now and have made over 100 PR videos in these years. Recently I have being playing in European and US servers and also decide to upload the best of my videos to youtube. Since I don't want all those videos going into trash cans as there is almost no more players playing PR in China, I want to share those videos with you guys as I put a lot of effort into making it. The language may be a problem, but most of those videos are epic moments compilation so language should not be too much a problem.

I have uploaded a few videos of highlight and epic moments compilation to youtube and will keep on uploading more, just gonna post my youtube link here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCBZJgGJFKrWA113rKMvJZ-A

whether you guys like it or not, plz leave some comments to let me know :)

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