"Squad v10 and Project Reality 1.5.3 teamwork" YouTube playlist for learning

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Sgt.Gump wrote: I only say what needs to be done to complete or defend the objective. I reserve calling or treating people like morons only for when they prove me right it needed to be done. I at least tell them exactly what they did wrong if I observed it to let it be learning experience rather than just calling them moron. Constant problem is people don't use most of their ammo for suppression in urban or woodland mas before dying when it could have made them survive longer, they only know accurate fire from Call Of Duty. It happens to them everyday they play PR but they seem to forget bullets landing close blur vision, make them move and sometimes random stray close ones hit them.

The people who are looking for only accurate targets out in the open rather than shooting into areas of cover/concealment to get tracers or smoke from unknown but now known enemy positon, are generally the ones in the open themselves at same time who don't use the camouflage and cover options in the environment around them. Its a cycle of game social engineering where video games franchises every person plays whether they like it or not at some point like Call Of Duty give a false visual virtual perception of combat not taking into account even self preservation of ones self through terrain cover or concealment.

While the game franchise boasts being a military game it never shows any type of basic tactics like bounding or any other way to shoot than accurate fire. Its all this Hollywood crap in the campaign and Matrix style spins and running around the map in circles for multiplayer. "Camping" and waiting around for enemy is frowned upon, its sad when I see or hear in player chat or mumble complaining about camping in Project Reality.

Call Of Duty players blame their enemy for them dying. This Call Of Duty engineered problem has been spilling into Mil Sim with people neglecting long range combat to get into the close range combat immediately with one squad in PR being the equivalent to one player in Call Of Duty. Among squad mates there is very un-skilled teamwork, what I want more of is teamwork between all squads in attacks, not one squad at a time taking turns going for the cap. I have minimal hopes and preferred minimal requirements of knowledge, not expecting much from a diverse group of skills, learn as much and apply what you can.

Yeah, all this stuff and such... it really is too bad that so many PR players have become jaded and don't give too much of a crap anymore to try to put in the extra effort in the field. I find that I fight with just this myself, being used to so many squad fiascos..

Seems there's no time anymore to brief a squad, to set rules of engagement, to explain what said ROEs mean to the newbs that have joined your squad, since the game is so fast-paced nowadays, with every squad running full-tilt for the next flag, throwing themselves at the next Objective lemming-like... the tickets run out so fast... hence little time to properly plan and brief at a squad level... but at team level? Fuggedaboudit!

Thus I often run my squad very loose, and expect the experienced players to properly respond to events on the battlefield, to make the proper engagement decisions, to understand the importance of perimeter security when we have to stop moving, etc., but as Gump suggests, we all need to give it just a wee bit more effort to play the game as it should be played.

Good points.

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