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3 days 14 hours ago #27778 by Albert
Ban Appeal was created by Albert
Hello my name in game is anthonytheone I was recently banned from your server for driving a logistics truck while it was dropping people off in the desert everyone jumped off including the driver they did not respond to me when I asked where are we going as I got in to the truck after every one including the driver hopped off it and I switched to the driver seat to drive it down the hill I got banned “instantly” I wasn’t even going to take the truck anywhere I was just moving it down from the top of the hill So it wouldn’t get hit by a TOW Because we were outside of North airfield where ENAMY was currently building a FOB its been about two weeks already and I still can’t join your server the last time this happened I was under the name Anthonyshotjuce and anthonyroman they Where my previous login names and you guys listed All my Previous Infractions for Everyone to read for my last bann apeal Now I don’t know if this is common practice within your server to post such infractions but it was embarrassing to say the least for everyone to see my past infractions I also would consider the listing and posting of my Previous infractions a Somewhat rude form of public shaming But hey it’s your guy’s server and you could do it if you want.... I apologize for my last infraction by hopping in the truck but They were not responding to my questions while talking in local and I was just moving it so It wouldn’t get hit by a enemy TOW so sorry for moving the truck down the hill I am currently responding now for the bann To be lifted please and thank you

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3 days 1 hour ago - 3 days 1 hour ago #27784 by =HOG=Haley11thACR
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We post past infractions to shame you and teach other players to not behave like problem players. U have multiple infractions because you made poor choices and we want everyone to understand that your poor choices lead to a ban. It prevents other players from being a problem. We appreciate that you can be an example of how not to behave in the server. Thank you.

Now if u could just read the thread about the rules and follow them....

And please read the thread about ban appeals....
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