If you do not understand a rule or have a question, please ask an admin before taking an action that might break the rule. We expect everyone who plays on HOG servers to understand the rules and because of this, we do NOT issue warnings when rules are broken. 

Section 1: GENERAL

1.1 No racist terms, words or insinuations, or extreme vulgar language. This is a bannable offense.

1.2 Keep all text chat to a minimum. Do not spam voice chat.

1.3 Any form of recruiting for other clans or servers will result in a kick and ultimately lead to a ban.

1.4 Respect all players and play as a team. Do not teamkill or grief. 

1.5 No offensive player or squad names, do not name yourself after hitler isis etc.


Section 2: SQUAD

2.1 Squad Leaders must have and use microphone and speak English.

2.2 This is a teamwork server so join a squad, unassigned players will be kicked.

2.3 Squad leaders are in charge and have full control of their squad, if they do not want you in their squad they can remove you for any reason. Don’t be a pest, if kicked from a squad, go find another one.



3.1 English is the primary language for this server, you must speak English to use heavy assets. You must have and use microphones to crew heavy assets, drivers and gunners.

3.2 No duplicate asset squads allowed.

3.3 No heavy assets: APCs (including IFV), Tanks, Garys, Bombcars, SPG Techies, until a minimum of 15v15 players in the server.

3.4 All heavy assets are squad-specific. The first correctly named squad gets the asset. Unclear squad names will not be accepted. Asset squads may lock at 2 members per vehicle. Acceptable names: TANK / APC / TRANS / TRANSPORT / HELI

3.5 Do not solo/one-man heavy assets.

3.6 Don’t waste assets, they cost tickets to your team and someone else might use them for something better. Crashing helicopters because you lack the proper experience to handle them can be considered asset wasting.


People that are trying to bend the rules or like testing the limits will be removed. Listen to admins in-game as rules will not address every scenario.

We believe in a fair play for all, and do our best to keep the server this way.