If you do not understand a rule or have a question, please ask an admin before taking an action that might break the rule. We expect everyone who plays on HOG servers to understand the rules and because of this, we do NOT issue warnings when rules are broken. 

ADMIN CONTACT: Need an admin? Our discord is here:

Please report disruptive players to an ADMIN, DO NOT TAKE MATTERS IN TO YOUR OWN HANDS. Let the admin deal with the player that is what we are here for. This may result in a kick / 24hr ban Keep teamswitching to a minimum. Respect all the admins and they will respect you. No allchat in game unless it is to report. Do not argue with admins on an issue, take it to the forums.

Section 1: GENERAL

1.1 No racist terms, words or insinuations. This is a bannable offense.

1.2 No asshatting, firing weapons, grenades or smoke in main bases.

1.3 No extreme language (vulgar) keep in mind kids play this game as well as adults.

1.4 No spamming mumble, commo rose, Do not play music over Mumble.

1.5 Keep the all chat to a minimum.

1.6 Any form of recruiting for other clans or servers will result in a kick and ultimately lead to a ban.

1.7 Do not teamkill, even at the end of the round, accidents happen, apologize for accidental tk’s.

1.8 Respect all players and play as a team.

1.9 No offensive player names, do not name yourself, or use references in-game after hitler/nazis/isis etc. as well as no character names, i.e <<>>>>//???

1.10 If you have been switched to a different side to balance teams, you must remain on that side. If you switch back, you will be subject to admin action. If you repeatedly switch sides to hog assets, you may be subject to admin action to ensure fairness for others who wait their turn to use an asset.

 1.11Complaining over the maps/mapvote is a kickable offense. Repeat offenders will be banned.

Section 2: SQUAD

2.1 Do not create squad names that are offensive, no ISIS, no hitler etc.

2.2 Squad Leaders must have and use microphone and speak English.

2.3 This is a teamwork server so join a squad, unassigned players will be kicked

2.4 2.4 Lone wolf (AKA Free Kit) squads are prohibited. If your squad is spread out or not working together as a unit, we will make room on the server for others who will.

2.5 Do not lock infantry squads.

2.6 Do not create a squad until the timer has reached 2:00 mark

2.7 Squad leaders are in charge and have full control of their squad, if they do not want you in their squad they can remove you for any reason.  Don’t be a pest, if kicked from squad, go find another one.

2.8 No duplicate squads allowed



3.1 English is the primary language for this server, you must speak English to use heavy assets. You must have and use microphones to crew heavy assets and claimable assets, (drivers and gunners).

3.2 No heavy assets (APCs (including IFV), CAS (helis and jets), Tanks, Fenneck) until a minimum of 15v15 players in the server. Other (non-heavy) assets that are not allowed to be used below 15v15 include Garys, Bombcars, SPG Techinicals.

3.3 All heavy assets are squad-specific. The first correctly named squad gets the asset.

3.4 Huey Transport squad can be locked with 2 or more members. Squad must be named TRANSPORT OR TRANS.

3.5 CAS Jet/CAS Huey/Cobra etc squads are to be claimed by one squad with a minimum of 6 players but must be named CAS or a CAS variant ie CAS HUEY, as long as CAS is in the name clearly, then this squad gets CAS.

3.6 APC squad must be named APC or have APC in the name, unclear squad names will not be acceptable and can lock at 2 members per vehicle. APC's include Shturm, Spandrel, WZ550, IFV, Fenneck and Scorpion/Scimitar. All APC's that require 2 crewman to operate are considered apart of the APC squad. Vehicles that take 1 crewman are not claimable. ATGM Humvee is not claimable as it's a humvee, not an APC.

3.7 Tank squads require a minimum of 2 players per vehicle before being locked. The squad must be named TANK or at least have TANK in the name but if it is unclear it will not be accepted. IF there is a map with only one tank then you are allowed to lock the squad at 2.

3.8 Do not solo/one-man heavy assets if they require more than one person to operate properly.

3.9  Any helo that has a gun for the copilot must be manned by 2 crewman.

3.10 If you cannot fly, do not practice here go to a training server.

3.11 Don’t fly helicopters upside down. Don’t waste assets, they cost tickets to your team and someone else might use them for something better. Crashing helicopters/jets because you lack the proper experience to handle them can be considered asset wasting.

3.12 No hunting for road kills, the occasional is allowed but do not go looking for road kills.



Summary: Ground-to-air kills in DOD will lead to removal from the server! Attacking staging areas is prohibited for all units.

There are 2 different zone definitions: DOD is a transit zone. Staging area is a smaller zone that is most often located WITHIN the DOD. Please read carefully and note these differences in the following rule.

Enemy to enemy fire in a transit zone (aka DOD) is PERMITTED with the following restrictions:

Restriction 1
Everyone is PROHIBITED from attacking enemy staging-areas. A staging-area is on solid ground (e.g. ship carrier is solid ground) and includes repair depot, helipads, runways, command-post, vehicle spawnpoints, or indestructible spawnpoints. A map can have multiple staging areas. On many maps (not all), this area can be surrounded by and within walls. Should you cause damage or shoot into this area, you will be subject to admin action.

Note: You may shoot out of your own staging area ONLY to engage any enemy actively camping you. The enemy however cannot shoot into your staging area per Restriction 1 above.

Restriction 2
You are PROHIBITED from attacking any AIR vehicle with a surface-to-air, or land-based weapon/vehicle in enemy DOD. If the air vehicle instantly dies in DOD from these specific weapon categories, the attacker will be subject to admin action. Air to Air combat can take place anywhere on the map so long as the unit is in the air and not touching ground.

If an in-game situation is deemed extremely unfair to one side, admin discretion and opinion overrides these DOD rules on a case by case basis.

If you want a basic guideline to follow: HELP YOUR TEAM ON THE FLAG/OBJECTIVE, STAY AWAY FROM THE ENEMY START AREAS. If you follow this guideline, you won't be in a situation where the above rules would apply to you.


5.1 US infantry may not enter into fort cap radius unless the attack flag is on it (South City must be fully capped).

5.2 Do not shoot into fortress unless they fire from it first, from that point forward you are allowed to fire on it.

5.3 Do not build mortars in the docks repair station. IF mortars are built in fortress USMC is allowed to eliminate the threat if fired upon by means of CAS Huey, COBRA or mortars, under no circumstances is any USMC infantry allowed to enter or be near fortress until AAS marker indicates to do so.


People that are trying to bend the rules or like testing the limits will be removed.

These rules are not to be interpreted how you like, there are no "loopholes". Anyone claiming to not be breaking the rules due to it "not being in the rules" will receive an appropriate consequence.

We believe in a fair play for all, and do our best to keep the server this way. Listen to admins in-game as rules will not address every scenario.