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Good afternoon

1st: thats the 1st phrase of PR rules on the HOG website: "Please report disruptive players to an ADMIN, DO NOT TAKE MATTERS IN TO YOUR OWN HANDS. Let the admin deal with the player that is what we are here for. This may result in a kick / 24hr ban Keep teamswitching to a minimum. Respect all the admins and they will respect you. No allchat in game unless it is to report. Do not argue with admins on an issue, take it to the forums."

Lets go to facts

- I just got banned from goose green map 17:30(Buenos aires time) on 22 may 2020
- I got a kit from a dead body and i asked on !R comand if it was ilegal.... nobody answered (i cant see on PR rules this is ilegal)
- The guy respawn and start to follow me... i assumed for teamkilling
- I warned adms several times by his name, using comand !RP
- I told on all chat that I was recording for youtube(im a youtuber now) and then i start recording
- On 38 seconds of vídeo you can see 1st reporting
- at 1 minute you can see all adms online with !admins comand
- at 1:45 i ask if adms are afk
- at 1:56 some adm says "STOP REPORTING"
- at 2:30 i say on all chat "ok i tryied". I had nowhere else to run
- at 2:56 i take position because, seeing that adm dont wanna help or maybe he wants to see me FUCKED(it happens sometimes), I would try to defend myself( i dont know for sure, this moment will ever come back)
- If the guy point weapon to me I would defendd myself(probably as I said)... but it didnt happen so i got out of my position and report again
- I got kicked and only God knows what happens to the guy(i realy dont care its not the point here)

So i have to ask... is this fair? what rules did i break this time?

I see this site dont accept a file with more than 0.1mb(is this still exists?) so im gonna put here youtube vídeo link(or adress I dont know the diference)

Im here to appeal for my ban and appeal for adms... I know its very hard on this quarenteene times keep calm. theres a lot of new players to drive someon mad. But pay atention on old players.... i dont stay around do thiss kind of shit.... i didnt ask you to kick the guy or something(without proves)... only a all chat warn and nothing of this would have to happen. instead i got warned and ban. so cheers and calm down guys

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4 months 11 hours ago #27819 by =HOG= B11TME011
Replied by =HOG= B11TME011 on topic Technocracy
"STOP REPORTING BS" was to everyone, you are not alone on the server........

All I see here is someone (enemy or might be friendly) who took a shot or two towards aiming at a friendly, cant hear what Reaper is saying, nor can I hear what you are saying.........

You showed only a few reports, there was more unnecessary grief and spamming.........both from your side and from Reapers.........

Play the game, dont be assholes.......

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4 months 6 hours ago #27824 by squires990
Replied by squires990 on topic Technocracy
MOPA why would you automatically assume someone was following to TK you? Why are people always allegedly trying to TK you? What are you doing to knowingly piss people off that much all the time?

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