Ban for talk on loading map screen?

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2 months 3 weeks ago #21304 by manuel
Ban for talk on loading map screen? was created by manuel
cd key hash: 62ffbfe3112f1bcbbe5d6b5a4b857bbc nickname juanmg16, so this happen i was playing good and far yesterday i think round 5pm on ramiel map and when the map goes over and went to loading map screen (you know that one when shows the score) i start singing like for 10 seconds a song on spanish in the next map i think it was outpost i create my own squad to my buddies join and i get ban, i dont know why they dindt told me but my buddies ask and nobody answer was it for racism? i start a topic but i dint get answer ive been ban for troll before but i swear that im not trolling or griefing im playing good and far and i really got a lot of fun whit this awesome game, can you check it out and lift my ban please, just got me under watch if you dont trust me, no tk, no spaming, just for sing

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