Ban Appeal: Please read and consider

2 months 2 weeks ago - 2 months 2 weeks ago #21327 by Eliecer
Ban Appeal: Please read and consider was created by Eliecer
Hi admins.
It's been almost a week or so since I got banned and I've been trying to get to this point to appeal my ban. The situation happened when we were on the briefing screen, players as they usually do where talking about the previous game, while they were talking I said something like: owww yeah(I was referring to the previous victory) when suddenly some players started laughing and saying: what is that? and other things, I didn't now what was happening honestly, then I heard somebody telling me: stop talking EJMS and I replied: Why?, then got banned without any reason. I think all this happened becuase I was trying my new headset I decided to buy because I've been playing this game and other games with an old headset. I got a deep voice and the old headset's mic was actually trash, therefore, for the old headset I used a program called "edifier" to fix the sound quality with its equalizer because I couldn't communicate quite well with other players and they couldn't understand me most of the time, since I have a deep voice and I was trying my new headset the mic quality is better now and the mic is closer to my mouth, so it causes a deeper sound. After I got banned I found out that this ocurred becuase I hadn't disabled the equalizer I was using for old headset that detected the new one automatically and this was causing an echo effect on my deep voice (I realized this becuase I used the "hear input device" option in the sound properties) and I gotta accept when I heard my voice it sounded weird and I suposse they thought I was trolling. Honestly I didn't know this was goig to lead to a ban, this have happened to me with other games already and I didn't know it was caused for this reason. I had been playing the game whitout any trouble until this happened, now I made sure not to use this program because I don't need it anymore so this won't happen again.
I hope you guys understand the situation and let me play again this good game.

Nickname: EJMS
Hash: 80a0c0d15a8f6f524ff4f0a76f797898
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2 months 2 weeks ago #21335 by =HOG= __Super_6__5__
Replied by =HOG= __Super_6__5__ on topic Ban Appeal: Please read and consider
[2019-01-27 21:06] 80a0c0d15a8f6f524ff4f0a76f797898 EJMS Stop chat-spamming! banned by IV.T xXsoapXx98 (perm)

so you were spamming the chat, if it was like you said then that is the reason.

im going to take your word for it and lift the ban, make sure your in working order again.
ban lifted
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