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2 months 1 week ago - 2 months 1 day ago #21572 by Grzegorz Miazgowski
Ban appeal Leho6694 was created by Grzegorz Miazgowski
My hash: f35452a35cda5e9de9fb0a7502465b0d
My in game nick: LeHo<GroM>6694
My situation is as follows: This happened on the Assault on Grozny map, two or three weeks ago. I created a team Mortars and I was driving a supply cart (logi truck) to B10, to build fob and mortars. One of Sl houted to me to help him. He needed an repair station,to repair APC, but I don`t have time,I dropped supply creates on B10 and I went to him, but unfortunately I was late, apc exploded. All the time I was going to him, he was screaming, he frustrated me. When I arrived he told to me ,,Realy thanks sqX, you're an idiot``. He upset me, I killed him (TK). Apc was located in D9.
I do not remember his nickname, but after this I got ban without warning, maybe he was admin. Maybe I should help APC first, but some culture should be. I should not kill him, just report him, this was my mistake,I m sorry for that, please unban me i play this game 10 years,and it was my life. I'm not a problem player..
Sry 4 english and greetings from Poland.
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