Ban appeal.

4 months 2 weeks ago #24616 by Orance
Ban appeal. was created by Orance
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UN: Orance

Asking to see if I'm either Temp banned — and how long that lasts for — or if I'm full banned. CRC Force said it was just a three hour ban.

Force banned me after I tk'ed a squad mate in base so he could respawn with a rifleman kit, we were in an APC squad. I think there was lag on the local chat or the guy didn't hear me because he asked in Squad voice "who killed me?"

Force just banned me without asking what happened, it could have been an accident for all he knew as the banned happened with in 20-30 seconds after the kill.

This wasn't a malicious kill so I'd like the temp ban lifted.

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4 months 2 weeks ago #24636 by =HOG= lespyd
Replied by =HOG= lespyd on topic Ban appeal.
It was a temp ban (3 hrs), if not malicious and was requested, we apologize for the ban. You should be able to join.

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4 months 2 weeks ago - 4 months 2 weeks ago #24644 by [CRC]_FORCE
Replied by [CRC]_FORCE on topic Ban appeal.
I was in the same Squad and heard everything. You Teamkilled him because he was supposed to spawn in with a Rifleman kit after he dies so he can grab the Crewman kit and go with you into the Bradlet, he spawned however with his previous Spawn kit at main, the Grenadier.

So don't lie your way out here, he already agreed to be your Gunner/Driver (That's why he spawned at main for you too) after he gets killed by the enemy and he would grab the Crewman kit, but because he spawned in with the GR Kit you shot him, due to whatever fucking reason you may have, Impatience?

Instead of shooting him, you could have waited 2 minutes or so so he can grab a new kit, or even better. Ask someone else to grab one for him.

You didn't. You shot him in Main with some contexual words around it as well if I may add.

Your reasoning for shooting him wasn't valid and at best, stupid.

And no, you weren't the SL either just to make clear
The victim, Ghost also stated by asking who shot him after he died, if he even agreed to it or wanted it. He would never have said that, meaning he didn't want you to even TK him. There for, your TK is Intentionally, on top of your reasoning for it being short sighted and selfish.

You also tried to lie your way here and to me on the Discord.
I don't know what the Policy for Liars and Dodgers is, but I would have done this again in a blink of a eye, if not banning you for even being such a snake.

That's all from me. Head Admibs can decide whatever they see fit.

Corps Commander of Calamity Ravens Corps and proud Guest Admin on =HOG= Project Reality Server.
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