Idle Pilots so took cas

5 months 2 weeks ago #25709 by Myke
Idle Pilots so took cas was created by Myke
Hi there, not entirely new to the game, been a few months.

Jumped on, someone had locked CAS for the entire match. Was waiting at the airfield and when a jet was available was told by CAS squad lead that he would not unlock because (profanities here) and I shouldn't bother asking why he was hording assets.
I waited by jet, once, CAS member came so let him have it, second time no one from CAS came, took jet and was immediately kicked for creating an unlocked CAS2 for anyone.

I realize destroying assets or jumping a queue ruins the game, but I wasn't doing any of that kind of behavior. I expect bans for teamkilling not someone with their pants in a knot or jumping the gun without hearing the behavior I was receiving from the squad lead knowing that his maturity level was not going to allow me to have an enjoyable experience or assist the team in a role I was/am competent in...all while waiting my turn patiently... Feel free to look at the log or chats, my hash is.
Don't know if it was temp or permanent but I've heard some horror stories looking through the forums. Some perma bans seem legit...others someone 12 years old was given a big stick.
Hash is 32dcc1d4a3bcf758c55099765acc0d15 and please feel free to enlighten me as to what to do if CAS is locking out other competent pilots from joining their squad (even when asked politely over mumble).

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5 months 2 weeks ago - 5 months 2 weeks ago #25713 by =HOG=Haley11thACR
Replied by =HOG=Haley11thACR on topic Idle Pilots so took cas
U have to be in CAS squad to fly CAS. Any asset squad leader can lock a squad for any reason, or explanation to other players who are unaware of the rules, with a minimum of squad members. If a squad u want to join is locked move on and join another squad. Dont create duplicate squads or steal assets based on your feelings that you are competent and the squad leader who locked a squad is not competent/polite/smart.... If we applied your reasoning to all squads chaos would ensue.

It appears from the log that you have a few problems following the rules. Please stop breaking the rules. Please use a mic especially if u are in an asset squad. Please help your team.

[2019-02-03 02:53] !WARN performed by 'PRISM user squires990' on ' nutbust88': go a mic? reply using !r
09:00:00 [2019-02-03 02:54] !RESIGN performed by 'PRISM user squires990' on ' nutbust88': Need a mic to squad lead

[2019-02-08 22:27] !REPORTP performed by '|NWG| RYAN030' on ' nutbust88': in Ger main

2019-05-22 02:22] !WARN performed by '<1> ShrapGnoll' on ' nutbust88': Stop acting the fool. You are messing around, support your team

2019-08-13 01:42] !WARN performed by 'PRISM user armoff' on ' nutbust88': RACISM is not tolerated on this server and can get you banned!
09:00:00 [2019-08-16 22:14] !KICK performed by ' FuriousNap' on ' nutbust88': smoking main
09:00:00 [2019-08-17 22:00] !RESIGN performed by ' R1ghty' on ' nutbust88': No free kit sqds. Get cohesion or disband sqd. Do not leave and rejoin.
09:00:00 [2019-09-07 19:13] !REPORT performed by ' Chilean_Way': nutbust88 tk intencional and troll
09:00:00 [2019-09-07 19:13] !REPORT performed by ' nutbust88': tk
09:00:00 [2019-09-08 19:01] !RESIGN performed by '=HOG= Haley11thACR' on ' nutbust88': dupe
09:00:00 [2019-09-08 19:11] !WARN performed by '=HOG= Yogi' on ' nutbust88': get a way fromt main
09:00:00 [2019-09-08 19:11] !KILL performed by '=HOG= Haley11thACR' on ' nutbust88': You cannot attack the enemy main unless AAS marker indicates
09:00:00 [2019-09-08 23:04] !REPORT performed by ' JuiceMayne': nutbust88 allchat spam
09:00:00 [2019-09-08 23:14] !TEMPBAN performed by '=HOG= shaniqua' on ' nutbust88': You are asset stealing, return the vehicle

Section 2: SQUAD

2.1 Do not create squad names that are offensive, no ISIS, no hitler etc.

2.2 Squad Leaders must have and use microphone and speak English.

2.3 This is a teamwork server so join a squad, unassigned players will be kicked

2.4 Free Kit squads are prohibited

2.5 Do not lock infantry squads.

2.6 Do not create a squad until the timer has reached 2:00 mark

2.7 Squad leaders are in charge and have full control of their squad, if they do not want you in their squad they can remove you for any reason. Don’t be a pest, if kicked from squad, go find another one.

2.8 No duplicate squads allowed


3.1 English is the primary language for this server, you must speak English to use heavy assets. You must have and use microphones to crew heavy assets, (drivers and gunners).

3.2 No heavy assets (APCs (including IFV), CAS (helis and jets), Tanks, Garys, Bombcars, SPG Techies), Fenneck until a minimum of 15v15 players in the server.

3.3 All heavy assets are squad-specific. The first correctly named squad gets the asset.

3.4 Huey Transport squad can be locked with 2 or more members. Squad must be named TRANSPORT OR TRANS.

3.5 CAS Jet/CAS Huey/Cobra etc squads are to be claimed by one squad with a minimum of 6 players but must be named CAS or a CAS variant ie CAS HUEY, as long as CAS is in the name clearly, then this squad gets CAS.
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5 months 1 week ago - 5 months 1 week ago #25755 by Myke
Replied by Myke on topic Idle Pilots so took cas
I did have a microphone, there's a whole bunch there that's missing which the other guy was doing you neglected.

Also judging my behavior based on a log of things dating back to my account creation in February, especially when this is the most active server.... is highly odd (unless I'm being consistently banned). Few of those issues are worth anything more than a warning to stop. What is being discussed is my actions in one game on one server being enough to justify a ban which I was apologetic for and trying to get to the bottom of, not every mistake I've ever made lasting almost a year. I do follow rules and in events where I have assets like CAS or Sqd Lead, I absolutely use a microphone. Sometimes, I just want to build fobs and wont respond to everything, but I wouldn't be using anything more critical than a kit with a shovel then and following a sqd lead.

When I see warnings like racism and some others, I truly don't recall seeing anything like that come on my screen (likely since it's been months) nor remember what on earth I would've said unless it was in response to the CAS leaders verbal use over mumble or text while he was flying jets. At any rate I apologize I recognize the server is a more serious one.
I'll be more careful and I'm sorry for what I did do, however some things I was definitely ignorant of even after reading these rules (such as being 'too close to main' seems kind of vague when why wouldn't the area that kills you automatically then simply be larger around main? It must imply we 'are' allowed to get that close in events where that's the sole hostile area?)
So I guess once CAS is locked that's that for any other players joining later? That's a pretty wide assortment of things one could lock. If I were more specific say CAS FROGFOOT to specify that was the squad for that wouldn't that have been appropriate given the situation of an idle asset knowing I was capable with the more vague CAS being locked with too few members (I swear it was about 4 or 5, not 6 and locked contradicting the rules above).
In regards to rule 3.5
That may be a post for another thread...but it's one of those vague things that someone could 'choose' to kick me for because of ambiguity when I simply wanted to do something different and help a losing team at something I 'could' do competently. I also waited patiently for the asset in question and allowed CAS to take them if they spawned in. This asset was clearly underutilized and CAS is a very vague squad when there's more than one type of CAS asset on the map.
So clarity is appreciated.
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5 months 1 week ago #25756 by =HOG=Haley11thACR
Replied by =HOG=Haley11thACR on topic Idle Pilots so took cas
Not sure u are understanding. If you are not in CAS squad, or any other asset squad, you cannot take their assets. If u do u will be kicked or banned.

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5 months 1 week ago #25757 by =HOG= __Super_6__5__
Replied by =HOG= __Super_6__5__ on topic Idle Pilots so took cas
i'm in awe.
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5 months 1 week ago #25762 by shaniqua
Replied by shaniqua on topic Idle Pilots so took cas
Having a mic and being “competent” does not automatically get you into cas and even if you are let into the squad does not mean you get a jet.The reason the plane was sitting idle for a couple min MAX was because the pilot assigned to it was still alive.You were warned before for making a duplicate squad and yet you still remade it.I doubt if you dont know the duplicate squad rule,that you know all the other rules that comes with flying.

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