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5 months 2 weeks ago #32911 by beano
Ban Appeal bean0 was created by beano

this late afternoon on Bamyan Insurgency I got banned for an accident.

It all went like this:

No FOBs were available and everyone was spawning back on main, which pretty soon ended in a little fireworks session.
All people were shooting and throwing 'nades into the distance.

So, there's that for one.

It all went more crazy when a guy called oslo threw a grenade in the mass of people.
So we were all dead, people were getting revives and i got left out.
When my Squad was calling out that a jeep was going out, i again asked for a medic and got a revive soon after.

When I got revived I still had a 'nade equipped and for whatever reason my character threw that grenade.
I saw a grenade popping up in front of me, and warned everyone, but it didn't even look to me as if i had thrown that, as animation was missing.

I was like:"WTF?!" when looking at teamkills popping up going for my name.

I wrote "NO! NO!" in main chat, knowing i would get a ban for it, hoping I could make admins understand.

Been a regular player for many years, and would never do stupid shit as that on purpose.
Why would I do this stuff purposely, right after oslo got banned for the same thing?

I can understand, that an admin would act in that moment that way, but it really was just an accident.

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5 months 2 weeks ago #32949 by =HOG= lespyd
Replied by =HOG= lespyd on topic Ban Appeal bean0
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