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5 months 2 weeks ago #32916 by rasbougri
ban appeal was created by rasbougri
This Sunday night I was planning on having a great night of PR with my friends but then we played muttrah, I was driving a boat with a spotter kit with the intention of sneaking my way into the city until I get shot by an enemy MG on top of the fortress. I then change my plan in trying to get safe as soon as possible and either eliminate the threat or sneak by. At this or AAVP was engaging the squad that was in fortress, I then shot the MG and made my towards to fortress so the rest of his squad wouldn't check or be able to see me. I then layed low in the hope that with my spotter kit I would have a perfect vantage point for lazing. I didn't know at the time that I was breaking a rule, I admit that I did break it but having someone destroy somebody else's night because he broke a rule, banning him and all of that without a warning, you could've talked to me, type to me, kick me with a message. 3 hour ban for sitting on fortress, the APC didn't get banned either when only CAS/mortars are allowed to attack fortress. 

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