team killing in the day and 5 separate TBs for TKs.

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1 week 1 day ago - 1 week 1 day ago #36879 by Abdou21
Hello, and it been more than 14d

That last TK is not the main issue here.

[2022-07-13 15:14] 88a6303e67594206b28e4ab9b05c3cc8  Abdou21 tk in main banned by OOO (10800)
[2022-08-02 20:56] 70341f1ef964492ab7fa387697c51f1e  Abdou23 tk in main banned by OOO (10800)
[2022-08-12 16:42] 70341f1ef964492ab7fa387697c51f1e  Abdou23 teamkilling in main to steal a kit banned by OOO (10800)
[2022-10-30 14:58] 70341f1ef964492ab7fa387697c51f1e  Abdou23 Stop teamkilling! banned by OOO (10800)
[2022-11-09 16:57] 70341f1ef964492ab7fa387697c51f1e  Abdou23 tk, too many actions go to banned by PRISM user OOO (perm) 
By (2ic )

hi i got ban for 5 seprate ban 
i dont understand why i got ban for old bans ? i just dont understand it bc this bans i got  time for them to unban like why this 30 d ban ??
Id : 70341f1ef964492ab7fa387697c51f1e
thx (i was not able to reply )
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