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6 days 9 hours ago #36889 by b_realz420
Unban apeal was created by b_realz420
I don't quite remember what I got banned for, 
it's been almost a year since. I was smoking a lot of marijuana & I was
going through a mental health crisis staying up late at night I'm sorry I took it out on the server
screaming allahu akbar & being a lone wolf instead of helping my team mates..
Yelling on the mic & on the discord. I told an admin " you guys don't play like the europeans" &
he mistaken me for being racist. I really miss playing on HOG I want to be a member again. 
I promise to help out my team mates & not yell on the mic. I promise that if I ever go through a mental health crisis again
or if I'm too under the influence I will play call of duty instead.

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6 days 6 hours ago #36891 by =HOG= 2IC
Replied by =HOG= 2IC on topic Unban apeal
Ban lifted.

Please make sure to read the rules, as they have changed somewhat since you last played: www.hogclangaming.com/index.php/rules/project-reality-rules

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