may I get unbanned

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3 weeks 1 day ago #37238 by stealthysoldier
may I get unbanned was created by stealthysoldier
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in game id: NewConscript

I did a lot of nasty things. I trolled heli pilots for a laughter and I also destroyed assets on our spawn. I know the rules, and I disobeyed the rules, but I took my lesson. I wont do similar things ever again. I promise.
please forgive me.

My offenses:

1.2 No asshatting, firing weapons, grenades or smoke in main bases.
1.4 No spamming mumble, commo rose, Do not play music over Mumble.
1.5 Keep the all chat to a minimum.
1.7 Do not teamkill, even at the end of the round, accidents happen, apologize for accidental tk’s.

2.4 2.4 Lone wolf (AKA Free Kit) squads are prohibited. If your squad is spread out or not working together as a unit, we will make room on the server for others who will.

3.11 Don’t fly helicopters upside down. Don’t waste assets, they cost tickets to your team and someone else might use them for something better. Crashing helicopters/jets because you lack the proper experience to handle them can be considered asset wasting.


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3 weeks 1 day ago #37243 by =HOG= 2IC
Replied by =HOG= 2IC on topic may I get unbanned
Okay, you have a lot of temp bans.
Don't continue to do this. It'll result in a perm ban.


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