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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #18390 by Gunnyy
Gunny Admin App was created by Gunnyy
Ingame name(s): Gunny

Cd hash: Will Find

Your age: 23

How long playing PR?: 11/12 years (moletav era :D) Not to sure on the specific join date.

How much do you play per week?: I have been of and on for awhile really and i just started getting back into it so thought i may aswell help the admins out again.

List other servers you have been an admin: NWA, PRTA, DPRC =H=, Candyvan Area94

Have you applied at HOG before: YES

Active admin on what server(s)?: None currently as i have taken a break from PR and decided to end all my admins duties but this game just keeps fueling me to come back every time.

When do you play on our server, list the time zone: Im normally playing during american time zones actually as i have a condition with sleeping where i only sleep around 2/3 hours and stay up to about 14 so timezone isn't really and issue.

What country do you live in?: UK

Are you with a clan? Which one?: No i am not with any clan, i do play with a lot of clans like NWG,DPRC,HOG,PRWARS and many more but i am a bit of a lone wolf.

I would like to add i was an admin before and it went pair shaped for awhile and i would like to apologise to the head admins at the time aka super as the circumstances were not really explained fully. I feel as if i could be an asset to the team and help out a little bit since i have recently had an accident making me disabled so i will be online a lot longer then usual.

Would love to proof that i can live up to the responsibility and help out again.
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