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10 months 6 days ago #24949 by Kangas Jarvis
Ban appeal - KangasJarvis was created by Kangas Jarvis
I would like to appeal my ban on the HOG PR community server. My reason for being banned was that I had started up a huey helicopter on Muttrah City and was asking the trans squad to let me into the squad. I saw no reason as to why they would not let me in, due to the fact that none of them but one were flying helos and the rest were playing infantry kits. They did not let me in, and out of the pure frustration and my squad desperately needing and asking for supplies I took off to drop them and return the heli. After seeing in chat that I could be banned, I started to type in chat that I was returning it when my game got stuck in the chat menu and I crashed into the water thus losing the asset. I was subsequently banned, and here I am asking for repeal.

Why should I be unbanned? This will not happen again, I have been a PR player for over 10 years on and off, and I have been going through a pretty tough time. I know going through a tough time does not make it okay to not follow the rules on a HOG server and I realize that now but I had recently lost my job and was just looking to Project Reality to keep my wits about me and in a moment of frustration acted out. I apologize. Please consider repealing my ban.

I not only just want to appeal my ban, but after talking in a discord with other HOG admins I gathered quite a fond respect of the way they carried themselves and will be applying to become a HOG member.

I look forward to the opportunity to no only be able to once again play on this prestigious server but to be able to serve in it as a potential admin and being PR back to its glory days!

KaNgAs JaRvIs

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10 months 5 days ago #24978 by prwars Nardz123
Replied by prwars Nardz123 on topic Ban appeal - KangasJarvis
I was the one who banned you. You created a trans squad after one was already formed (four people in it) on Muttrah. The existing trans squad apparently didn't want you in it, which is their call and is fine given that they had plenty of pilots on hand. Whatever the case, it's not an excuse to just grab an asset and do your own thing.

This is against the rules ยง3.3:
All heavy assets are squad-specific. The first correctly named squad gets the asset.

The squad had been doing trans adequately for the entire round -- the statement that you (or your squad) was ignored might have to do with communication and prioritization. I don't know, but again, this is to be resolved talking to the asset squad leader (or members).

You stole a chopper and made a new squad, if memory serves me correctly. I warned you several times to return the helo, and you did not respond to me at all. You all-chatted about opening the squad. This was not the time to negotiate joining a squad or not -- you clearly had enough time to type out THREE times to open the squad, yet you ignored my warnings entirely.
TEAM 2] KangasJarvis: trans open the squad
TEAM 2] KangasJarvis: not stealing, Trying to join squad slow your role
TEAM 2] KangasJarvis: rans open the squad or will be reported

You then made the following statement, which I read as intent for purposefully crashing the helo:
[TEAM 2] KangasJarvis: well you can let me in or lose a heli

The helo then crashed. Maybe it was shit timing, or maybe it was a hissy fit -- I don't know. Up to the head admins for how long, etc.

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