AA problems in PR [Video]

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10 months 1 week ago #19187 by _Rogue_Assassin_
Replied by _Rogue_Assassin_ on topic AA problems in PR [Video]
I used to make mods for Battlefield 2 back in the days, Flares was a 5 flares per click, it was infinite but you had to wait for it to refill, 99.9 of flares shooting was successful escape, BUT, you had to leave the place as soon as the missile get shot at you, because you will need to wait until you get another flares, The flare system wasn't perfect, but it kinda made sense, you do your job, you time your flares and you may survive if you manage to get out before you get locked again, in PR it's really different, because you have like 60 flares, 2 flares per click, so you can manage to do 30 missions if timing was great, the only way to get shot down is by dogfighting a good player, or cannon AA, But the flare system works differently in PR, it feels like it has no point, it's super random, Id say the best way to fix this, is by making flares and missile redirect completely out of our hands, and give it to the RNG (Random Number Generator). Cause you CANNOT find a perfect spot for the AA. it's either too much or nothing.
Many players managed to fix the AA, but the devs currently refusing to put that into practice, they might've tried it before and saw the cas were op, but still in it's current state it's really bad. it needs to be fixed cause it's taking the best out of the game.

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10 months 1 week ago #19189 by DogACTUAL
Replied by DogACTUAL on topic AA problems in PR [Video]
I think jack has the right idea how to implement a good AA system that is fair for both sides with the current tools available. He laid it out in this post: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2177882#post2177882

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