Ruining the game, Featuring: Pwner_PT

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3 months 1 week ago #23562 by _Rogue_Assassin_
Replied by _Rogue_Assassin_ on topic Ruining the game, Featuring: Pwner_PT
Just go ahead and check the logs like you always do, why didn't you do it this time? cause you know how shitty and unjustified ur act was.

Go love your own Enemy, Don't tell me to Love mine.
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3 months 1 week ago - 3 months 1 week ago #23566 by =HOG= pwner_pt
Replied by =HOG= pwner_pt on topic Ruining the game, Featuring: Pwner_PT
[19:26:39 KILL] Gustav_Al-ALmani [deployable_spike_Launcher] =HOG= gnpostal
[19:26:58 CONNECT] ' Pvt.Rhex' connected with IP: 89.
[19:27:00 GLOBAL] _Rogue_Assassin_: ow to speed hack in logi?
[19:27:15 KILL] Wolf47 [50cal_m2hb] DoideraMan
[19:27:15 GLOBAL] [USA] BigMarcus: pay $99.99
[19:27:21 GLOBAL] [USA] BigMarcus: JK pls no ban
[19:27:24 T1 SQUAD 4] =HOG= pwner_pt: !k rogu spam
[19:27:24 DISCONNECT] ' _Rogue_Assassin_' disconnected with IP: 5.
[19:27:26 GLOBAL] [ic] Smek_: fennek op armor
[19:27:27 T1 SQUAD 4] =HOG= pwner_pt: !k big spam

Later on after you stormed the Discord Channel yellin at me, you start bitchin

[19:27:44 CONNECT] ' _Rogue_Assassin_' connected with IP:
[19:30:48 TEAM 1] _Rogue_Assassin_: why u didn't kick him for using all chat too?

Again, that you maybe will understand the way how I was doin it, you were writing "you need speed hack in logi", your follower is posting links (no matter if real ones or not) plus "oh don't ban me". I decide (in my thoughts) to kick him just quickly for using senseless allchat and postin bullshit. I look one step behind, kick you also for allchat and indicatin bullshittery. Thoughts done. Typed in.

I wasn't even thinkin bad of you or the other guy at that moment nor I was sitting angry behind the monitor.

Like stated aboth. You joinin Discord, yellin foriously, I tried to explain it to you, you tell me to fuck off. I stopped explainin it to you. You disconnected. Fine.

You joining the game, you kept bitching, I ignored that. Every admin else in my squad tellin me to ban you. I said no. I kept ignoring it. You stopped. Everything was fine.

Your buddy bigmarcus joined back in the game. And didn't say nothin. He kept quiet, accepted it and just kept playing. Again, everything was fine.

You comming inhere opening a big discussion for a simple kick. You know that your problem is a different one.

And the last thing. Stop tellin me how to admin, you couldn't even stand the job for a month and fucked up. So why ain't keepin your mouth shut.

Or is it because you mad that you never got accepted to become a hog member. Dude, it's not my fault. I'm not deciding it.

But do me a favour, don't be a rat like you are at the moment. Never had a problem with you.

Discussion done so far for me.
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