Have I dreamt PR?

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7 months 2 weeks ago - 7 months 2 weeks ago #25979 by Ondis is my name
Have I dreamt PR? was created by Ondis is my name
So I was gonna check the replay there and prove that guy wrong, that we indeed had built at least 3 fobs.
But he's right, the demo just shows 2 fobs/hideouts.

The thing is I distinctly remember playing this map around that day and being shot by a CAS on a certain position where we had built a dishka and a very shitty and exposed SPG.

I don't even remember building the fob, but I remember those two things.

And watching through the demo 5 times now, I can't find my squad even being there once.
This is the weirdest feeling ever.

You can also see me writing that I distinctly remember being close to the base with a SPG and shooting at choppers before I got kicked.

None of that is on the demo either.

Now you could be saying "Oh but Ondis, you probably played the map the same day elsewhere or something".

But I have no demo of it in my replay files, in fact even this demo is missing, and I Assume it's cause I was kicked.
But then again all demos from HOG are missing.

I only have demos from Open, PRTA and SSG.

So maybe HOG isn't letting me record demos? But then I go into br.hogclangaming.com/pr1/ and there's only 1 Bamyan that day and +/- 1 day.

So I might be going crazy here. Oh shit I might be dreaming PR, wtf.
Wtf O.O I cant explain this any other way. '

....But just to be sure I go back 2 days and there it is, the only onther Bamyan played in a month.
And Im in it. And there we build almost all the fobs, and that's the one that cas is raping random people in (as well I guess, but particularly shooting people in bushes).
And that map also has 2 squads with 0 kills when I quit.

So Im not even sure where I got trashed by this damn admin for talking in all chat but for sure, shit happened. And as this little lawyer of yours can attest to, memory can easily play these tricks on you.

Also that incarnation has the airfield as protected space so that explains why I wasnt shooting SPGs into it too!

Hahaha :D oh man, I just wanted to share this.

Oh fuck me.

Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out so you don't think im bullshitting:

edit: there's also a boat spawned there, lol. Probably a demo bug. But it literally shows a boat.
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7 months 2 weeks ago - 7 months 2 weeks ago #25982 by Justice
Replied by Justice on topic Have I dreamt PR?
Thanks for the condescending remark after I've been civil and cordial with you.
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7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #26005 by Ondis is my name
Replied by Ondis is my name on topic Have I dreamt PR?
You were very civil, yes, and you stil are. But for the whole discussion while I admited my own faults and conceded some points, you did so not a single time :) I also kept bringing up what I thought were your good qualities and you never did so yourself. And that's okay, you may not have felt you were wrong a single time or that I have a single good quality but you know, generally the reason people do that in a discussion is because they are focused on winning instead of learning something in the discussion.

Just like again you warn me for all chat but not your bud in game, that dude can indirectly accuse me of griefing and I can't reply because it's "all chat spam". It's all good, I realize that's how it works. Chimpanzees plucking each others hairs and groaning at males that aren't part of their tribe.

I like punching up. Punching down is boring.

That [IC]Smek guy is a piece of shit though, I gotta say that publicly. While he kicked us this time from his squad around while we are in an asset and refused to give his squad buddy a tank who had been waiting for 20 minutes for someone to drive with him (because he wanted the second tank after he died with the first) I also remember him kicking me and a bunch of his own mates from CAS squad so he could claim a bunch of assets in perpetuity.

The worst thing is that people stil consider him a friend. God I dont know how you can stand that guy, even his voice is annoying.

If that's the kind of people you hang around with and protect then it reflects on your character Justice.
Also I don't want him banned, but if we're to talk rules, he probably broke rules when he locked a tank squad at 3 people when it has 2 tanks ;-)

Though you didn't notice that at all, neither did the other admins.
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