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3 years 3 months ago #9612 by =HOG= __Super_6__5__
Replied by =HOG= __Super_6__5__ on topic Hello
Head admin here, Im assuming you havent read our rules, i also assume you havent read the rules quoted by dark in this thread, if you had, you would stop saying, no one warned me. It is clear, we expect players on PR to verify the server rules before coming and playing on our server, its states, we dont warn you first, the reason? The POSTED RULES ARE YOUR WARNING.

I hope that is clear.

As for the maps, the devs/community gave out new maps, we are going to play them, if you want to play here, download the map pack?
How about instead of complaining, you get with your friends and other pr players and urge them to download the new map pack? This way, we can all get along.

It is unfortunate that the server population suffered as a result, but we cannot wait for every last pr player to download the map pack before playing it, i mean, after all, we did our part by updating the server quickly, why cant the player do the same thing?

I see NO wrong doing by any of the admins.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Im Druid, Gabe/ Spetsnaz Tiger

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