That server laws are enforced and also moral stances

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2 years 1 month ago #28716 by MOPA
This is just a suggestion for the server

-Half an our ago (its 10:19 DC time) we were playing Black Gold and some guy shoot down our cas over main base landing or flying out(i dont know how to say in english... need to look track).
-Our squad leader complained and the guy confirmed on all chat. The guy blamed our jet for being over our main(can you believe?)
- We all !rp the guy but nothing heppened. We keep reporting and adm WITEK said to complain on foruns
- Seconds latter some guy was temp ban for stealing a truck(i think. got to see track) and latter some guy was temp ban for teamkilling
- So I started complain. " hey dont ban the guys leave to the foruns. If you are King´s friend nothing happens but if you are not you get ban" something like that
- By a huuuuuuuuuuuuge coiscidence the WITEK squad partner team killed me. again nothing happened.

**** These are the facts that I can prove, but several others like behavioral traits I cannot, so I'm going to talk about OTHER adms from other servers ok?(yeah i used the translator on this one :D )

-Yesterday an adm(that im not gonna say the name) said "please MOPA leave my squad because a friend of mine will join. You can show us your MACACO power latter"( since im brazilian)

-Some adms are racists, biggot, make buly (im not a leftist but the law is the law ) and even hackers, we realy cant understand how they got adm in some servers. A server like HOG, the world most important server should not admit adms like that ones im talking on last sentence. Thats my suggestion.

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