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This is RossiyaFSB, or some of the HOG guys know me as Morgan because that's the name I used for the last several years. I've been playing in the HOG server for many years. I'm not here to be disrespectful or anything, but I feel that an admin way overstepped their boundaries earlier today in the Dovre map. I'll give a little bit of background about the situation.

I was on the Russian side and saw that most of the squads were already full, so I decided to make a recon squad so that I could spot enemy armor and report on enemy FOB/infantry locations. A player named Yoda and myself had a sniper and marksman kit and decided to form the squad. We were moving toward the position where we wanted to setup to start conducting our recon on the German side and suddenly my squad got disbanded. I was confused because I didn't see any warnings or anything. I asked in all chat what happened and I was told that the squad was disbanded because it was a free kit squad. Another individual even tried to make the argument that there is no difference between a recon and a free kit squad, which is ludacris. I'm currently active duty Army and do this stuff in real life. I have very regularly made Recon squads in the HOG server and it has never been an issue until suddenly today.

There was some back and forth between the admin and me ofcourse because I was trying to get him to understand the damage he did by disbanding a squad that I was actively coordinating. We were literally probably 20 seconds away from being in our position. Obviously I had to join a squad somewhere or you will get kicked for not being in a squad. All of the squads were full and the only squad left was the trans squad, which had only 1 person and was locked. I requested in all chat that the trans squad be unlocked so that Yoda and me could join so we wouldn't get kicked for not being in a squad. Immediately after my request, I got kicked from the server with no explanation. I rejoined and asked for the name of the admin that disbanded my squad and subsequently kicked me because I was trying to join a squad that was locked. I believe the admin name was Lespyd. I can't understand his logic in disbanding my squad, which was well coordinated and working our mission, yet not having an issue with a 1 man locked trans squad. The 1 man locked trans squad was my only option to join, but he kicked me from the server.

I obviously have no say in how admins and their behavior is conducted in the server, but in my opinion this was way out of bounds. This admin also clearly has no military experience.

Thank you for your time,

RossiyaFSB (Morgan)

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