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1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #29276 by Philrow
B11TME011 admin report was created by Philrow
Today on Grozny I got kicked at round start by B11TME011, for "freekitting".
We're a large group of players in our TS, and at this time we were 11-ish people, so we decided to do 1 full inf squad and a secondary support squad with the rest + anyone joining late.
Before spawning in, Woutersparre said that sniper squads are not allowed, which is false. Your only rule against this could be the freekit rule of 2.4, but just having a squad named sniper squad and having sniper kits in it, does not make it a freekit squad. We had every intention of playing nearby each other, while supporting our main squad. B11TME011 chimes in and says yup, and afterwards SwampFox correctly mentions that inf squads has to be unlocked, to which I did.

We spawn in, and due to the first come first serve approach to kits, we grabbed both sniper kits immediatly so we could figure out how to plan the rest of the squad layout. Immediatly after that, myself and my squad mate who grabbed the second sniper, gets kicked, without a written warning.

Lespyd chimed in upon our rejoining by kicking B11TME011 for policing bad gameplay.

This is especially funny, as B11TME011 "lead" an infantry squad that round, who was rarely nearby each other, essentially making it a free kit squad by definition. There must have been no squad cohesion, and everyone joining just took a kit and ran at the enemy, judging by the map. Might be worth looking over a rule change as it's clearly very vague.

I'll note this is not the only time that we've experienced poor decision making from B11TME011 in our group.
And finally, for the admins who are not in the loop, any player with tags like C|JAHN, C|82P, C|HINA etc. are part of a PR tournament. I don't blame you for not knowing this, but generally speaking you'll have a much easier time doing your job as an admin if you just communicate with us, instead of kicking us on sight.

Edit: This was probably supposed to go in "Project Reality Discussion" instead
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1 year 10 months ago #29285 by Deleted
Replied by Deleted on topic B11TME011 admin report
Thanks, the admin has been spoken with.

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