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1 year 9 months ago #29560 by granderslice
A few ways to improve gameplay . . . was created by granderslice
For the past few weeks (and perhaps longer) I have noticed admins stacking on one team. All the =MeRk= admins really enjoy playing together, which is their perogative, and tend to be very succesful in their campaigns. However, having been on the recieving end of their wrath more than once, I feel gameplay suffers when the admins are all on one team. When all the admins are on one team, the other team feels free to do as they please - shooting/smoking/tking in main - locking inf squads - etc. As a result, frustration sets in and bad behaviors come out. Secondly, the term "free kit" squad gets thrown around and without even being on the team admins will resign/kick players from the other team for "free kit" even though they don't know the SL may have left the squad they were running or DCed. Finally, asset squads - TANK, APC, CAS, etc. - sometimes don't even enter the battlefield for the first 20 minutes because they are "waiting" for the asset to spawn in main. Meanwhile, the 2-3 inf squads are left to capture as many flags as they can in the first 20 minutes.
How to fix these problems:
1. If there is more than 1 admin on the server, each team MUST have an admin to ensure good gameplay.
2. "Free kit" needs a clear definition: Squad leaders MUST have an officer kit and be near the squad he is running. If these requriements aren't met, admins must ask the SL to get an officer kit first, then warn the SL, then resign/kick.
3. Asset squads MUST leave main and help the team capture objectives in the first 20 minutes. 
PR is an objective-based game. Too many times there are players/squads in the middle of no where, not helping the team capture or defend objectives. I understand the need and tactic to set up FOBs with TOWs and AA away from objectives. However, if 3-4 squads are doing this, and no one is attacking or defending the objectives, the team will most likely lose. And the players who are on the objectives, struggling and dying, are frustrated.
Anyways, just a thought.
BTW - is Mortars an asset? Can this squad be locked?

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1 year 9 months ago #29561 by squires990
Replied by squires990 on topic A few ways to improve gameplay . . .
people will just resign as admins if they have to choose between that and being able to play with their friends or clanmates

admins should probably check what the situation is before resigning people in all circumstances, but freekit is such a common thing that you get a bit burnt out sitting there taking time out of your game to police something so simple when everyone already knows better. So you get to the point of just resigning or kicking people straight away to make the notifications stop.

mortars aren't a claimable asset but if they're not being utilised properly you might be told to leave them so someone else can use them, or be kicked because you're disrupting the team
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1 year 9 months ago #29562 by Safety_Off
Replied by Safety_Off on topic A few ways to improve gameplay . . .
Good post! Fair points!

I'd like to offer my 2 cents (opinions only);
Players who volunteer to be admins have the right to play with whoever they choose, just as much as none-admins and irrespective if they're in a clan or not.
Report locked INF squads/ Request Team Balance.

Free Kit Squads aren't allowed with the minimal exclusion to Insurgents playing INS as long as fobs are built and defenses in place.
Point 2 would mean an admin(s) would need complete understanding of each squad and what happened within it prior to serving the warning. It's kind of unviable and is why blanket warnings are made instead.
Supporting new players in learning how to Squad lead would help this.

Point 3; I completely agree. Instead of grabbing sniper kits and HAT's, asset squads should capture the first flag, then bail back to main in time to support the team. More points, more chances of winning with a good start, more teamwork. That being said, it'll never be an enforceable rule.
Suggestion: Report the squad for a lack of teamwork no earlier than 10mins into the round. Semi-redundant however as first flag should be capped by then.. (tough one)

Unknown regards locked Mortar squads but I can tell you that running a mortar team with 7 players is not optimal in the slightest.

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