Alpha 3.7 UPDATE

3 years 5 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #1582 by Evox
Alpha 3.7 UPDATE was created by Evox

Alpha 3.7 Hotfix is now live!

A notable change in this hotfix is a fix to some massive performance problems related to texture streaming impacting a number of players. If you were having some serious performance issues while also having maxed out video memory, this patch should solve that issue!

Admins now take a reserved slot instead of ignoring max players when joining full servers
Fixed 'Press F to use' showing up on enemy assets
Improved the visibility of the Map Legend button
Improved the Map Legend to react to gamemodes and explain Insurgency objectives during Insurgency matches
Fixed other squad Rally Points showing up as Green. They are now Blue
Added Error Messages when failing to place Rally Points
Fixed Kills not giving the killer score.
Added world text to Insurgency caches, explaining how to destroy them or that you must defend them.
Fixed a bug where spawnpoints would spawn people on rooftops
Increased the texture pool, fixing an issue where some people were getting massive hitching and max VRAM usage
Added a dynamic Teamkill kicking solution. Serial Teamkillers will now be kicked by the server automatically.
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