Alpha 3.9 Update

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3 years 4 months ago #2247 by =HOG= Moozery
Alpha 3.9 Update was created by =HOG= Moozery
Alpha 3.9 Changelog

  • Improved client performance related to optimizations in the anim system
  • Fixed kit allocations not working in many situations
  • Updated Militia player models with new components, distinguishing them further from other factions
  • Performance improvements to the Militia player models
  • Leaving a squad now replaces your kit
  • Improved Steam authentication for better stability
  • Allows for joining on Steam friends
  • Allows for joining servers via web browser sites
  • Increased server connection timeout, decreasing the amount of unintentional disconnects
  • Increased server browser timeout
  • Increased timeout for joining a map to allow people with low spec pc’s to load the game, without being kicked unintentionally by the server for timeout
  • Added SteamID to showplayerids
  • Fixed banning by ID issues
  • Improved performance of explosion effects
  • Added the ability to reset keybindings
  • Separated out the default button in each section of the settings menu, pressing default now only resets the current menu’s settings.
  • Players can now cancel joining the firing range in menu
  • Fixed incorrect access level for banning
  • Fixed a few server crashes

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