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2 weeks 47 minutes ago #26599 by Instinct
HOG Admin application was created by Instinct
Submit your application for PR guest admin here. Fill out all the information. We will reply to you soon.

Ingame name(s): TheDutchBoss

Cd hash: c28892b8cebc9f0cab2c676e940bc4fe

Your age:24

How long playing PR?: since i saw this video
Fuck me dude thats 9 years ago

How much do you play per week?: Usually 2 times per week, for several hours usually at each time.

List other servers you have been an admin: Alwaysbased, CSF

Have you applied at HOG before: No

Active admin on what server(s)?: None

When do you play on our server, list the time zone: West europe my dudes

What country do you live in?:The Netherlands

Are you with a clan? Which one?: Nah I'm an individual know what im saying.

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