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2 months 3 weeks ago #22731 by SLATuAn
Report player was created by SLATuAn
Player being reported: Mirage$29 and volod.42 and Vulovic...ROKI
Reason: friends group hack/cheat
Date of incident: 4/2/2019
Time: 3:36:08PM
Map: Muttrah City
battle record:
tracker :
Video from Battle record: Herehere

1. From 3.34 ( tracker time) Mirage$29 and volod.42 start using Osprey hovering and shooting to mec inf from distance.... middle of the game they builded tow, volod.42 pop smoke for Mirage$29 on the tow and shot through smoke... So they re must be friends. until Mirage$29 left the game then Vulovic...ROKI joined and he didn't even shoot volod.42 when they got contact ( can see on my video) so they re also friends. (they all know each other or Miraga$29 and Vulovic...Roki re the same guy)

2. 3 of em re using jumping scipt easy to get on top of mountain. ( maybe same hacker I reported before he also had jumping script)

3. the style : using Osprey for cas let me remind viirus and his friend before they got banned, they used to do like that when they cant get cas or apc.
( sorry my English is bad)
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2 months 3 weeks ago #22732 by =HOG=Haley11thACR
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