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1 week 5 days ago #28208 by Grump/Gump.45
Player Report for Erickson was created by Grump/Gump.45
Sorry for the essay, but there are so many players like this who for some reason come to Project Reality to waste their time and other peoples time playing by being asshats. It is a waste of their life and mine to spend time putting up with all of this, players like this need to be dealt with immediately before squad leaders like me give up on trying even when the team is getting steamrolled backwards from behind. Im making the report here cause bouya testa ignored my report i believe, hope yall interested in psychology and how it filters out into peoples actions like Ericksons.

On 7/23/2020 9:10 AM EST Erickson joined my squad on Masirah, our MEC team was losing bad already cause of bad team and bad FOB positions. My squad fell back to refinery to build up on the super FOB and brought 2 boragh APCs from the main ship for the front line, had both for 10-15 minutes. I repaired them many times at repair station on flag, then Erickson comes along to join my squad after i kicked 2 guys spawning at the useless southern FOBs. First thing i hear in squad chat to talk to Erickson is "Why are you pushing up the APC Erickson?".. Erickson had no response, just leaves the squad after several asks why pushing APC and to bring back APC..

I tell him to bring it back as my squad dies isolated because he took it leaving only one boragh for suppression. Erickson leaves the squad, goes far south, get the other guy in my squad who was gunner killed. Since he pushed the boragh APC alone my squad lost its .50 cal suppression and kit requests out of the back of APC so they died fast without the smokes we were throwing. 2nd boragh was left lone suppressing as a lone target to die 30 seconds later. Erickson took 2nd boragh from us leaving the infantry around its original position and the 1st boragh alone to die.

All this from one inconsiderate player who screwed us over, i dont know if its ignorance, carelessness, lack of empathy toward players using it together as multiple people. Erickson is one guy and shouldnt be allowed to do this, he may even forget he did this because he has no care or feeling to attach this to a memory. People like this who dont care are known as socio/psycho paths where they show no care for others thoughts, objectives, tasks, time management, things that make people happy.

He joins a squad named "1 per cover" to take its APC and lone wolf with it very quickly getting gunner killed, APC damaged, my squad killed. i don't know why people like this join to play Project Reality in the first place where most come for teamwork. Teamwork is exciting and takes time, instead of aimlessly rushing a 2nd boragh .50 cal APC that some squad was using to just die, make mistakes in under 60 seconds.

Erickson RTBs the APC from south for himself after it gets hit, then lies after i make a report about him, he says "its the APC squads APC", while its a boragh he is one manning away from supporting infantry, took from my squad that we had for 10-15 minutes. He then gets the boragh destroyed going back out instead of regrouping my squad. I allowed our team to lose after this because it takes so long to get boragh from ship to land and not enough organized players to even retake refinery. I told Erickson "get your own from main if you want to rush and die, dont take my squads". He then leaves the server after screwing us over , i think there is a lesson that needs to be learned for him instead of nothing happening for this.
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1 week 1 day ago #28236 by joonas
Replied by joonas on topic Player Report for Erickson
There are better methods to engage and destroy the enemy depending on range terrain and urban environment. If you have fire support (mortars, BTR's and AFV's) call it in if you have a squad element close to you have them assist. sometimes if they ambush you disengage and re engage on your terms and don't get sucked into a losing fight where you dont know where fire is coming from. also squad and buddy rushes could help is you have to assault. you can literally read the orders and documents of war fighting from the USMC on the internet.

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