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Replied by =HOG=-WhiskeyTangoSteve- on topic so how is it folks
@PePaw: you can change the color of the menu, Pip-boy, and HUD. go to the pause menu while you r in game with the Pip-boy pulled up, go to settings>display, scroll down till u see HUD Opacity, leave this one alone(its the brightness of your in game compass at the bottom of the screen) Mess with the HUD Color R, G, and B to change the color of menu and HUD to what ever u want. The Pip-Boy colors can also be changed right below the HUD colors.

Ive changed my menu to a dull blue and my Pip-Boy to grey. Also its nice to adjust it do to in game brightness levels like daytime/nighttime or if you are in a structure and need more brightness or darkness.

I hope this helps out, i had some issues with the brightness myself


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