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chris wrote: idc about maps at this point, all i know is that ins sucks and it's my opinion. You don't seem to understand what i said. I was pointing out the fact that the teams were LITERALLY unbalanced in terms of NUMBERS. I know it's hard to balance out asset whores because most are in clans together so i do retract my sentence about the stomping. I love some the admins here they are funny.

Having equal number of players on each team does not mean it's balanced. You acknowledge this above, but that's after you were all-chat bitching.

chris wrote: If i want to state an opinion i can if i want, it's a human right idgaf what u say. Kill everybody in the world if an opinion bothers u that much, so times the opinion can turn into the truth.

The ability to state an opinion is not a human right. Most first-world nations have freedom of speech laws, but those only protect you from the state. You are still responsible for what you say and write -- google libel and slander.

With that said, we don't have issue unless it goes against keeping the server running, populated, fair, and fun. All-chat spamming IS rule breaking. Killing server morale will not win you any friends here.

chris wrote: lmfao why is this about playing victim? What are you talking about? What does this even mean?

chris wrote: I have no interest in fighting a battle i can't win no matter what i do so i will just give up

The TLDR; of that last quote is "I'm right, you're wrong, but I am a victim and so I will not argue". Open your mind;

Admins don't get paid.
We waste our personal time dealing with issues and asshats.
There are no thanks, just bitching.
We do it because we want the community to strive, and we enjoy playing on the servers we admin.

chris wrote: Honestly if you guys give me a chance, I do have admin knowledge about all the commands, dos and don'ts etc. I would love to join the team, maybe i can add on to the list of non aggressive admins that's floating around the community. I would love to join!

It's easy to say "When I have kids, I won't do that", or "I won't be an aggressive admin"... But when the time actually comes you'll see the other side of the story.

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