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5 months 6 days ago - 5 months 6 days ago #24749 by DogACTUAL
Okay watched your video.

As expected beforehand you vastly overestimate your own ability and talk down to me saying my videos are worse without giving any examples why.

First, you didn't even properly edit your video, so there is a lot of unnecessary filler there where the hacker does nothing and also a lot of downtime when you stop and reposition your camera. This would still be ok if you had at least provided timestamps for the relevant moments in the video description, but you didn't.

You also don't know how to correctly trace shots, meaning how to follow the exact path the bullets took from the start point of the player camera.
For example at 0:53 you use the gun as origin point (it is not the actual position of the player camera), which is sticking through a frikkin wall (which should have tipped you off that it wasn't correct).
And then you proceed to not even follow the shots in a straight line directly towards the target like you are supposed to but instead wobble your camera around on the path to the target, which is very inaccurate and leaves the possibility open for errors.
You should have centered your camera on the target first before zooming in.

Then there is also the thing that this hacker is a hacker that doesn't even care to mask at all(frantically shoots at people outside his view distance and people behind cover, always looks directly at them when looking for potential targets), meaning anyone with the least bit off common sense can easily see that he is cheating.

You pat yourself on the shoulder for catching him, but then shittalk me when i am trying to go after more sophisticated cheaters that mask at various levels and are not low hanging fruit like you go after only. Yes, the cheating is subtler, but it is definitely not impossible to spot it and prove they are cheating beyond reasonable doubt. There are lots of giveaways, like them slipping up and directly aiming/shooting at enemies that are not visible or clear stalking of enemies they are not supposed to know about at all (people sitting in bushes etc) or preaiming.

It's funny, you don't have an eye for those kind of subtler hints and you can only spot the most blatant cheating and then think you are some kind of genius for it.

Edit: Alright sorry for the harsh tone, it was in reaction to your first comment to me, thanks for admitting your mistake. My point still stands though, but i wanna add that i do appreciate that you take your time to make proof to get cheaters banned, afterall every cheater gone helps regardless if they mask a lot or don't. And the mistakes you made are pretty usual for someone who just made a few proof vids, i was just upset that it seemed like you were trashing my vids when you make more mistakes in yours than i do in mine.
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5 months 6 days ago #24750 by =HOG= lespyd
Enough from everyone, head admins will review and determine next steps. Pwner produced enough suspicious evidence. Should we require more, we will do so. You are all taking this too personal, and im frowning at every single person in this thread. No matter what the outcome is, some people won't like the decision. Deal with it.
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